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What can you buy [in Victoria] for the average home price of $448,862

Back in 2015, Maclean's put together a fun piece on what you could buy (single family detached or half-duplex) across the country, closest to downtown, for the average price Canada-wide at the time of $448,862.

The updated Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) overall average resale home price for June 2018 is:

$495,797 !

Averages like these are pretty meaningless. When it comes to getting meaning out of stats, the key is--disaggregate, disaggregate, disaggregate!

Just for fun, though, here's what's on the market right now close to downtown Victoria for $495-500K. There are 8 condos and 1 townhouse in this price range. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see!