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I would like to talk about Anny Schaefer my Real Estate Agent. Anny was more than an Agent to me she was a friend. In a very difficult time in my life during my marriage separation she was helpful and patient with my long time process of purchasing a home.

After finding a condominium that would suit my lifestyle, I had many delays in purchasing this property. Anny had to put forward my offer to the seller, as well as implement 2 time clauses because of my delays.


At all times Anny was professional, efficient and timely. She arrived at appointments on time and was a friendly face to see in a stressful situation. She followed through quickly with the seller and the seller’s Agent. When it was time for me to sign documents Anny would go out of her way to make this process easier for me when she did not have to.


Anny is a rare treasure of honesty, kindness, and support. She knows what she is talking about when it come to the real estate industry. She has the knowledge to walk you through any transactions while maintaining positive energy the whole way.


I would like to highly recommend Anny Schaefer for a Real Estate Agent to anyone who is lucky enough to find her. She is a real keeper.

~Louise S.



Anny is a find! I have used several realtors over the years and no one has put in the effort Anny has to understand my needs. Anny listens which is a rare skill these days. Anny clarifies what I might be trying to say so that we arrive at the same place.

We are working long distance so it is critical for email communication ito be clear. The listings are very clear. I get daily updates as to what has come on the market. Some listing sites are confusing but not the site Anny forwards to me.

One house came on the market which interested me. It was so old I needed eyes on the ground. Anny went to see the property for me that afternoon and sent detailed pictures.

Anny is personable so it's easy to carry on a conversation. She then translates the conversation into immediate action.

I am delighted to recommend this savvy, hardworking real estate agent! I could not even contemplate a major move without her. I know she will represent me well.

~NC, Buyer from West Vancouver



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